[ImageJ-devel] EMBL Conference : Seeing is believing

Mongis Cyril cyril.mongis at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 1 09:56:41 CDT 2015

Indeed, I will present a poster about ImageJFX. My Poster session is on
Wednesday afternoon (144) so we can meet there. I would like to use this
occasion to have some more inputs about the software. I will have a tablet
to show some videos about the software. It's still not so fully functionnal
so that's why I haven't released the code yet. I'm just waiting to have
something more or less "solid" and clean. I often go through some big
refactoring to follow more or less the ImageJ2 guidelines. But I guess I'll
be able to release the code soon after the conference.

Cheers and looking forward to see you guys,

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