[ImageJ-devel] Javadoc site requires an ending slash

Nico Stuurman nico.stuurman at ucsf.edu
Sun Mar 29 14:05:27 CDT 2015

Hello all,

Getting started with using Maven on a Github ImageJ2 project under Netbeans (most everything works very well, thanks!), I discovered that Netbeans is unable to find the Javadoc sources.  As an example, it reports:

javadoc: warning - Error fetching URL: http://javadoc.imagej.net/ImgLib2

Indeed, pasting that address in a browser returns a 404 page.  Going to the javadoc.imagj.net site and clicking on the ImageLib2 icon resolves to the same address, but with an added slash, which indeed links to the Javadoc.  I am not sure why Netbeans does not add the slash itself, but it does seem a server misconfiguration that the address without a slash does not resolve correctly.  If there is anything that I should change on my end to make this work, happy to do so.



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