[ImageJ-devel] Updater suicide

Stephan Saalfeld saalfelds at janelia.hhmi.org
Tue Apr 7 19:48:12 CDT 2015


I downloaded a fresh Fiji version, updated, built it successfully at



mvn clean install \
 -Dimagej.app.directory=$HOME/packages/Fiji.app/ \

, tested it, and then followed


to upload the result.  While attempting to input

Host: webdav:Saalfeld

I observed a number of exceptions that I unfortunately did not track.
Instead, I closed the window, and restarted Fiji.  Since then, each
attempt to start the updater sends me into the (screenshot)-attached
exception from which I cannot do anything.  Fiji itself works, just the
updater has committed suicide.

Any help highly appreciated.


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