[ImageJ-devel] Uploading new scijava-common, ij1-patcher and imagej-updater

Johannes Schindelin schindelin at wisc.edu
Mon May 19 19:06:57 CDT 2014

Hi all (in particular Curtis and Mark),

I would like to release new versions at least of scijava-common (for the
XML bug fix), for ij1-patcher (for the .jar file order fix) and
imagej-updater (for the NPE with --upload-complete-site fix) tomorrow. Do
you have anything in those components that need a little "seasoning"


P.S.: in the next few days, I hope to finalize the work on the script
editor, which will require new releases of at least minimaven,
scripting-java, legacy and ui-swing, and perhaps scijava-common and

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