[ImageJ-devel] Webinar KNIME Image Processing

Martin Horn Martin.Horn at uni-konstanz.de
Thu Mar 13 09:09:42 CDT 2014

Dear All,

on 25th March at 6 p.m. (Central Europe) is going to be the webinar 
"Image Processing" in KNIME [1].

This 1-hour free webinar introduces the main concepts and 
functionalities of the KNIME Image Processing extension [2]. Also the 
use and status of the ImageJ integration will be addressed briefly.

The webinar is free, only a registration [3] is required.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the webinar.

Best regards,

Christian, Martin and the KNIME team

[1] http://www.knime.org
[2] http://tech.knime.org/community/image-processing
[3] http://www.knime.org/webinar-knip-march-2014

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