[ImageJ-devel] What do I need to add to my NetBeans ImgLib2 project to open a TIFF file

Michael Ellis michael.ellis at dsuk.biz
Tue Dec 2 18:05:24 CST 2014

I am investigating the using ImgLib2 for a project.

I am using NetBeans and have managed to create a NetBeans Mavern project and have  added a dependency for ImgLib2 Core Library and that seems to be working OK.

I now want to add the least possible requirements for the purpose of opening some image files.

How do I establish what Maven projects I need to include? 

I have cloned  the ImgLib2 Examples project and got that working but that seems to include all manner of things that I suspect I do not need.

When I go to my NetBeans project dependence, select Add dependency, then type SCIF to the query text box, I get a huge list of possibilities.

I am completely new to maven and so do not know what I am doing with it!

— Michael Ellis
Digital Scientific UK Ltd.

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