[ImageJ-devel] SCIFIO via Avian, was Re: [VIGRA] Avian VM and Bio-Formats

Ullrich Koethe ullrich.koethe at iwr.uni-heidelberg.de
Fri Nov 29 12:05:06 CST 2013

Hi Johannes,

thanks for the suggestions.

 >> 'mvn install' stops with
 >> [ERROR] The goal you specified requires a project to execute but 
there is no
 >> POM in this directory.
 > I am an idiot! Avian uses the "make" command. That will compile things
 > into a subdirectory of build/. It actually requires JAVA_HOME to point to
 > a JDK and javac to be in the PATH. Sorry for not describing this
 > correctly.

OK, I tried make, but the makefile doesn't support Visual Studio (only 
on Windows Phone, not on Windows 7). So I guess I'll have to start over 
on a Linux box, because a mingw build will most certainly be 
incompatible with the maven-compiled stuff, which used Visual Studio. 
And anyway, mingw64 isn't supported either, only mingw32. cmake is not 
that bad, after all...

 >>>     'wip' of https://github.com/dscho/vigra-imglib2
 >> 'mvn install' stops with
 >> [ERROR] Error: Class net.imglib2.Interval could not be found.
 > That is funny. It works here without a hitch, but maybe only because 
I had
 > cloned and "mvn install"ed https://github.com/imagej/imglib earlier. Will
 > investigate.

When Tobias tried his code on my machine, we had a similar problem. We 
solved it by adding some paths explicitly (vigra-imglib2/target/classes 
I applied the same change to your pom file, and got a bit further. The 
error message is now

[ERROR] Error: Could not find class file for 

 >> BTW, Tobias' VIGRA bindings work on my machine (Windows 7 with Visual
 >> Sudio 2012).
 > Okay. I fear that he duplicated a large part of my work to get there, but
 > then, I cannot look at it anyway

No, there is no duplication. The two approaches are completely 
complementary -- yours is for embedding Java in a VIGRA program, and 
Tobias' is to call VIGRA code from Java. You can have a look at

Best regards

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