[ImageJ-devel] Netbeans and Maven

Johannes Schindelin Johannes.Schindelin at gmx.de
Mon Jan 14 18:12:18 CST 2013

Hi Gerrit,

On Mon, 14 Jan 2013, Polder, Gerrit wrote:

> I am using netbeans with ant as the building system quite some time now
> (on Mac OS X).  During the last developer conference there was a strong
> emphasis on maven as build/dependency tool, so I decided to give it a
> try.  I started with the process_pixels example which compiles and runs
> nice, but I have some questions.  Sorry if these are dumb questions, but
> I scanned through the documentation and didn't find answers quickly.

The ImageJ and ImageJ-devel lists are pleasant lists, no need to apologize
for asking questions that were not answered well enough at the conference.

> 1- what does the pom version mean, and which version should I use, I
> found different numbers in the examples.

If I understand correctly, you are referring to the version number here:


The idea of Maven is that every project comes in a specific version. For
example, you might want to release your plugin as version 0.1.0 or 1.0.0.
Leading up to that version, you would probably label it as 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT
or 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT to indicate that this is an intermediate revision
leading up to said version.

So it is your choice what version number to use ;-)

> 2- how is the imagej version determined
> (<version>${imagej1.version}</version>) ?

It is defined in the SciJava POM, as a version range:


Basically, it says: every version from 1.45s on is good enough for us.

If it is actually not good enough for your project, e.g. because you
require a feature Wayne introduced in, say, 1.47b, you need to override
that setting in your pom.xml in the properties section:


You could also decide that a version range [1.47b,) is preferable, of

> 3- During build I see the following message: Property
> 'imagej.app.directory' unset; Skipping copy-jars
> So it must be possible to place the jar into my own imagej installation,
> how?

You can set the property either in the <properties> section of your
pom.xml as described for imagej1.version above, or via the command-line.
Probably Netbeans lets you define that, too, but since I am not using
Netbeans myself, I cannot tell you how, sorry!

> 4- During run an imagej jar from ~/.m2.... is started, is this only for
> test/debug? how to use my own imagej?

This is only used to compile your .jar file. If you set the
imagej.app.directory property properly, it will actually be copied into
the jars/ subdirectory of the location you pointed the property to.

> 5- The process_pixels application does not quit properly, I have to stop
> it from netbeans.

Sorry, do you have more information about that? I do not understand the

> 6- My software is dependent from other plugins, such as particle8 from
> Gabriel Landini's Morphology, can/is this incorporated in the imagej
> maven repository?

The easiest way to do that would probably to install it locally for the
moment. Please see Maven's console log for details how to do that after
specifying a dependency, e.g.


(I took the version number from the web site, and constructed the groupId
from the web site, too. Note that you will need to wrap the .class files
in a .jar file before installing it locally.)

> 7- In my ant script I'm using a call to svnversion, in order to place
> the latest build number and date in the about box. Can this be done in
> maven?

The way this is done in Maven is by using the buildnumber plugin. This
will put the current revision into the MANIFEST.MF under the tag

You probably want to depend on ij-core (groupId net.imagej, version
2.0.0-SNAPSHOT for now) to retrieve that:





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