[ImageJ-devel] Netbeans and Maven

Polder, Gerrit gerrit.polder at wur.nl
Mon Jan 14 14:21:38 CST 2013

sorry for crosspost, asked this already on the ImageJ list, but Wayne directed me to here.

I am using netbeans with ant as the building system quite some time now (on Mac OS X).
During the last developer conference there was a strong emphasis on maven as build/dependency tool, so I decided to give it a try.
I started with the process_pixels example which compiles and runs nice, but I have some questions.
Sorry if these are dumb questions, but I scanned through the documentation and didn't find answers quickly.

1- what does the pom version mean, and which version should I use, I found different numbers in the examples.
2- how is the imagej version determined (<version>${imagej1.version}</version>) ?
3- During build I see the following message: Property 'imagej.app.directory' unset; Skipping copy-jars
So it must be possible to place the jar into my own imagej installation, how?
4- During run an imagej jar from ~/.m2.... is started, is this only for test/debug? how to use my own imagej?
5- The process_pixels application does not quit properly, I have to stop it from netbeans.
6- My software is dependent from other plugins, such as particle8 from Gabriel Landini's Morphology, can/is this incorporated in the imagej maven repository?
7- In my ant script I'm using a call to svnversion, in order to place the latest build number and date in the about box. Can this be done in maven?

thanks a lot,

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