[ImageJ-devel] Interactive ImgLib2 examples

Tobias Pietzsch pietzsch at mpi-cbg.de
Thu Sep 27 11:53:28 CDT 2012

Hi all,

I revised the interactive viewers we had prepared as demos for the
Bioimage Analysis workshop in Barcelona. I just merged them into master.
They are in subproject "imglib2-examples" in package "interactive".

There is a 2D/3D image viewer, a viewer for CATMAID data fetched from 
the web, and several fractals. All can be interactively manipulated.
I hope you'll have some fun playing with them!

The code for the viewers themselves is in the new (resp. resurrected)
subproject "imglib2-ui". The viewers can use either a Swing JFrame or
IJ1 ImagePlus back-end for display. (The examples use Swing currently,
but this can be very easily switched). I hope we can have an OpenGL
back-end at some point...

best regards,

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