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Hi Curtis,

Great to hear from you, feel free to reply just to the list as I am already subscribed.  I made a page here: http://wiki.imagej.net/Android where I will populate it in the future with some details.  Let me mention your specific good ideas:

>Did you try to build the code as-is
Yes, I'm down from an original 8000 compilation errors in basic ImageJ to 3000 by writing wrappers to map Java AWT components to basic Android ones.  They are very similar, but some incompatibilities makes totally as-is ImageJ difficult, and ImgLib impossible, so I have:

>(or minimally modified) for use with Dalvik?
Yes, to a limited extent it is working with ImgLib, making Maven very appealing because the extensive dependency use makes it easy to see what I have working.  So I have also tried:

> Did you try the Maven Android plugin (https://github.com/jayway/maven-android-plugin)?
Yes, but I actually found that I had to substantially un-mavenize ImgLib to do the actual programming.  This is mostly because I like to use the Eclipse debugger, frequently going across dependencies in figuring out bugs.  Understanding how to get this to work better with Maven is probably a point where I would be interested in showing you what I'm doing and seeing ideas for improvement in workflow on my end.  Maybe we will have this chance at the conference.

> Did you think about creating an HTML5/Javascript frontend to an ImageJ server, for cross-platform mobile support?
This is something I saw a lot of people doing at a recent medical imaging conference, but not specifically for mobile support (but that is a reasonable next step).  Do you know of any examples of just general-purpose applications that have done this for cross-platform mobile use?

>Or compile from .class to .dex?
That is the goal, but I don't think there is a way around it without resolving the problems I've mentioned above.  I'm happy to hear any ideas you have (off-list or on).


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Hi Justin,

I hope things are going well with you. I am writing regarding your talk on porting ImageJ to the Android platform for the ImageJ conference next month. It is something I regret not having time to investigate more, so I am happy that you explored it.

>From your abstract (http://imagejconf.tudor.lu/program/doku.php?id=:program:presentations:justin_senseney1804285318), it sounds like you encountered quite a few difficulties. Anything you would care to discuss prior to the conference? Leaving the door open for mobile support has been a major design goal of ImageJ2, so if there are roadblocks it would be good to hear about them, to make any corrections in the architecture sooner rather than later.

Moreover, in general, we would be very interested to hear details of your approach. Did you try to build the code as-is (or minimally modified) for use with Dalvik? Or compile from .class to .dex? Did you try the Maven Android plugin (https://github.com/jayway/maven-android-plugin)? Did you think about creating an HTML5/Javascript frontend to an ImageJ server, for cross-platform mobile support?

These are all directions we would love to see explored. You are more than welcome to discuss your findings on this mailing list, and/or post technical details on the ImageJ2 wiki (http://wiki.imagej.net/ImageJ2).


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