[ImageJ-devel] Change in Jenkins' ImageJ-launcher an ImageJ jobs

Johannes Schindelin Johannes.Schindelin at gmx.de
Fri May 18 17:49:51 CDT 2012

Hi all,

to be able to trigger Jenkins to build and deploy the ImageJ launcher for
all the platforms we support, I made a couple of changes:

1) the ImageJ-launcher and ImageJ job are now parameterized (taking as
optional parameter which branch to build & deploy from).

2) That means that we will never have to fiddle with the jobs again to
build and deploy ImageJ-launcher before ImageJ; we now call
bin/trigger-jenkins-deploy.sh to ask Jenkins to build an out-of-line
version of the launcher, and then the app.

3) That way, we do not even need to switch the version in the pom to
release and back to snapshot; we just switch to the release version in an
unnamed branch and tag the revision after building. The release version
will never hit 'master'.

4) I had to fix the configuration of the GitHub hook so it triggers the
parameterized build (although it will not specify which branch to build
explicitly so that Jenkins falls back to using the default, 'master'). The
trigger without parameters will fail now.

It looks as if the system works without flaw again; for those who are
interested in the building blocks of our build infrastructure (which is
much more powerful, but slightly more complex -- but much less secretive
-- than the Fiji build infrastructure), I will make a diagram in one week.


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