[ImageJ-devel] ROI -> Overlay bug

Michael Doube michael at doube.net
Mon May 14 06:57:56 CDT 2012

> What I was referring to is
> the sampling kernel,

I am naive: what is the difference between 'sampling kernel' and
'impulse response' (apart from there being a Wikipedia page for only the

>> Such as the situation if the scan is accelerating or decelerating during
>> acquisition which happens in many designs: one 'side' of the pixel will
>> tend to be brighter than the other 'side' (one end of the integral will
>> be longer than the other).
> Good to know---has it been measured ever?  Would be nice to include it
> as a trivial to understand part of the above mentioned kernel.

You can get an idea of it on the scale of whole images by imaging some
homogenous object (e.g. fluorophore solution). I have seen this kind of
data in relation to Leica confocals. There is a design trade-off between
fast scanning, where you image with mirrors that are still accelerating
and decelerating, and consistent signal, where you do the acceleration
and deceleration before and after the scan is in the range of the image
frame. If I have it right, in the past Leica decided to go for the fast
and sloppy route and Zeiss went for the slow and consistent route.


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