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Thanks Barry.  However item (3) for #1165 is not accurate.  If you draw a polygon overlay, then fill it, then drag it, you cannot perform subsequent fill or inverse operations.  My picture was not clear on this point.  The current item (3) operation works fine.


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Thanks for the bug report Justin. I have filed a new ticket in our bug trac (code.imagej.net/trac/imagej/ticket/1165<http://code.imagej.net/trac/imagej/ticket/1152>). You are CCed on the ticket and should receive updates as this issue is addressed.
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>Something related I noted some time ago.
>I find the smoothed ROIs a bit puzzling. Sure for deforming an ROI they might be useful, but is it possible to see what is in and what is >not in the ROI?
>Can one "draw" a pixel-accurate ROI this way?
IJ1 handles this well, since straight lines are always connecting points, so you're likely to have a range of pixel types that will complement each other to provide an ROI that neither over-counts or under-counts the pixels.  It's a good question for curved ROIs if there's an algorithm that can provide an efficient approach.  I have not looked.

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