[ImageJ-devel] Build failed in Jenkins: ImageJ-daily #492

jenkins at imagej.net jenkins at imagej.net
Thu May 10 00:06:41 CDT 2012

See <http://jenkins.imagej.net/job/ImageJ-daily/492/changes>


[Johannes Schindelin] ImageJ launcher: defensive programming

[Johannes Schindelin] ImageJ launcher: handle update/ first thing after discovering ijdir

[Curtis Rueden] Clarify & expand javadoc for menu creator classes

[Curtis Rueden] Add AWT menu creator for PopupMenus

[Johannes Schindelin] ImageJ launcher (windows): really make it a GUI application

[...truncated 2095 lines...]
4/958K 40/886K
4/958K 44/886K
4/958K 48/886K
4/958K 52/886K
4/958K 56/886K
4/958K 60/886K
4/958K 64/886K
4/958K 68/886K
4/958K 72/886K
4/958K 76/886K
4/958K 80/886K
4/958K 84/886K
4/958K 88/886K
4/958K 92/886K
4/958K 96/886K
4/958K 100/886K
4/958K 104/886K
4/958K 108/886K
4/958K 112/886K
4/958K 116/886K
4/958K 120/886K
4/958K 124/886K
4/958K 128/886K
4/958K 132/886K
4/958K 136/886K
4/958K 140/886K
4/958K 144/886K
4/958K 148/886K
4/958K 152/886K
4/958K 156/886K
4/958K 160/886K
4/958K 164/886K
4/958K 168/886K
4/958K 172/886K
4/958K 176/886K
4/958K 180/886K
4/958K 184/886K
4/958K 188/886K
4/958K 192/886K
4/958K 196/886K
4/958K 200/886K
4/958K 204/886K
4/958K 208/886K
4/958K 212/886K
4/958K 216/886K
4/958K 220/886K
4/958K 224/886K
4/958K 228/886K
4/958K 232/886K
4/958K 236/886K
4/958K 240/886K
4/958K 244/886K
4/958K 248/886K
4/958K 252/886K
4/958K 256/886K
4/958K 260/886K
4/958K 264/886K
4/958K 268/886K
4/958K 272/886K
4/958K 276/886K
4/958K 280/886K
4/958K 284/886K
4/958K 288/886K
4/958K 292/886K
4/958K 296/886K
4/958K 300/886K
4/958K 304/886K
4/958K 308/886K
4/958K 312/886K
4/958K 316/886K
4/958K 320/886K
4/958K 324/886K
4/958K 328/886K
4/958K 332/886K
4/958K 336/886K
4/958K 340/886K
4/958K 344/886K
4/958K 348/886K
4/958K 352/886K
4/958K 356/886K
4/958K 360/886K
4/958K 364/886K
4/958K 368/886K
4/958K 372/886K
4/958K 376/886K
4/958K 380/886K
4/958K 384/886K
4/958K 388/886K
4/958K 392/886K
4/958K 396/886K
4/958K 400/886K
4/958K 404/886K
4/958K 408/886K
4/958K 412/886K
4/958K 416/886K
4/958K 420/886K
4/958K 424/886K
4/958K 428/886K
4/958K 432/886K
4/958K 436/886K
4/958K 440/886K
4/958K 444/886K
4/958K 448/886K
4/958K 452/886K
4/958K 456/886K
4/958K 460/886K
4/958K 464/886K
4/958K 468/886K
4/958K 472/886K
4/958K 476/886K
4/958K 480/886K
4/958K 484/886K
4/958K 488/886K
4/958K 492/886K
4/958K 496/886K
4/958K 500/886K
4/958K 504/886K
4/958K 508/886K
4/958K 512/886K
4/958K 516/886K
4/958K 520/886K
4/958K 524/886K
4/958K 528/886K
4/958K 532/886K
4/958K 536/886K
4/958K 540/886K
4/958K 544/886K
4/958K 548/886K
4/958K 552/886K
4/958K 556/886K
4/958K 560/886K
4/958K 564/886K
4/958K 568/886K
4/958K 572/886K
4/958K 576/886K
4/958K 580/886K
4/958K 584/886K
4/958K 588/886K
4/958K 592/886K
4/958K 596/886K
4/958K 600/886K
4/958K 604/886K
4/958K 608/886K
4/958K 612/886K
4/958K 616/886K
4/958K 620/886K
4/958K 624/886K
4/958K 628/886K
4/958K 632/886K
4/958K 636/886K
4/958K 640/886K
4/958K 644/886K
4/958K 648/886K
4/958K 652/886K
4/958K 656/886K
4/958K 660/886K
4/958K 664/886K
4/958K 668/886K
4/958K 672/886K
4/958K 676/886K
4/958K 680/886K
4/958K 684/886K
4/958K 688/886K
4/958K 692/886K
4/958K 696/886K
4/958K 700/886K
4/958K 704/886K
4/958K 708/886K
4/958K 712/886K
4/958K 716/886K
4/958K 720/886K
4/958K 724/886K
4/958K 728/886K
4/958K 732/886K
4/958K 736/886K
4/958K 740/886K
4/958K 744/886K
4/958K 748/886K
4/958K 752/886K
4/958K 756/886K
4/958K 760/886K
4/958K 764/886K
4/958K 768/886K
4/958K 772/886K
4/958K 776/886K
4/958K 780/886K
4/958K 784/886K
4/958K 788/886K
4/958K 792/886K
4/958K 796/886K
4/958K 800/886K
4/958K 804/886K
4/958K 808/886K
4/958K 812/886K
4/958K 816/886K
4/958K 820/886K
4/958K 824/886K
4/958K 828/886K
4/958K 832/886K
4/958K 836/886K
4/958K 840/886K
4/958K 844/886K
4/958K 848/886K
4/958K 852/886K
4/958K 856/886K
4/958K 860/886K
4/958K 864/886K
4/958K 868/886K
4/958K 872/886K
4/958K 876/886K
4/958K 880/886K
4/958K 884/886K
4/958K 886/886K
886K downloaded  (poi-loci-4.4-20120509.232230-112.jar)
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Failed to resolve artifact.

GET request of: loci/bio-formats/4.4-SNAPSHOT/bio-formats-4.4-20120509.232347-102.jar from loci.snapshots failed

from the specified remote repositories:
  imagej.releases (http://maven.imagej.net/content/repositories/releases),
  central (http://repo1.maven.org/maven2),
  loci.releases (http://dev.loci.wisc.edu/maven2/releases),
  imagej.snapshots (http://maven.imagej.net/content/repositories/snapshots),
  java.net (http://download.java.net/maven/2),
  loci.snapshots (http://dev.loci.wisc.edu/maven2/snapshots),
  imagej.thirdparty (http://maven.imagej.net/content/repositories/thirdparty)

Path to dependency: 
	1) net.imagej:ij-io:jar:2.0.0-SNAPSHOT
	2) net.imglib2:imglib2-io:jar:2.0.0-SNAPSHOT
	3) loci:bio-formats:jar:4.4-SNAPSHOT

Caused by I/O exception: Stream closed.

[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] For more information, run Maven with the -e switch
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Total time: 53 seconds
[INFO] Finished at: Thu May 10 00:06:30 CDT 2012
[INFO] Final Memory: 95M/910M
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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