[ImageJ-devel] Changes in Jenkins/GitHub interaction

Johannes Schindelin schindelin at wisc.edu
Mon May 7 17:52:25 CDT 2012

Dear all,

I just changed the way our GitHub hook triggers Jenkins builds: I added a
custom hook that calls a PHP script:


This script is highly configurable, and it only triggers the build when
the 'master' branch was updated. Furthermore, it actually triggers *two*
jobs: ImageJ-launcher and ImageJ (this is also something the default
GitHub hook cannot do).

Maybe I should also trigger the ImageJ-launcher-deploy? That way,
launchers for newly-tagged versions are always built and deployed first,
for use by ij-app's assembly...

The hook can be configured at http://code.imagej.net/github/hooks.php; you
will have to log in with your GitHub credentials.


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