[ImageJ-devel] [fiji-devel] ImageJ 2.0.0-beta1 released

Stephan Saalfeld saalfeld at mpi-cbg.de
Wed Apr 11 04:44:56 CDT 2012

Congratulations to the ImageJDev team!

All the best,

On Mon, 2012-04-09 at 14:07 -0500, Curtis Rueden wrote: 
> Hi everyone,
> Today, the ImageJDev team is proud to release the first beta of ImageJ2,
> version 2.0.0-beta1!
> ImageJ 2.0.0-beta1 is a "beta"-quality release, meaning the code is not
> finished. The design is more stable than before but still subject to change
> until the final 2.0.0 release. It is recommended that people continue to
> use ImageJ v1.x for critical work.
> The ImageJ2 user interface is modeled after ImageJ v1.x as much as
> possible. However, under the hood, ImageJ2 is a complete redesign of
> ImageJ. It provides backward compatibility with older versions of ImageJ by
> bundling the latest v1.x code and translating between "legacy" and "modern"
> image structures.
> The beta still has many bugs and limitations, but we have achieved several
> substantial milestones:
>    - Support for most ImageJ1 plugins and macros
>    - Many new pixel types (thanks to ImgLib2)
>    - Multidimensional data beyond 5D (thanks to ImgLib2)
>    - Import and export of all SCIFIO-supported file formats
>    - Improved region of interest (ROI) tools
>    - Truly headless: image processing is separate from user interface
>    - Automatic updates: once you download beta1, ImageJ can update itself
>    - Easily install additional plugins, including Fiji (over 350 plugins!)
>    - 175 new and/or reimplemented core ImageJ2 plugins so far
>    - 125+ bugs fixed
> Many legacy ImageJ plugins and macros work; many others do not. There are
> still many bugs. In particular, there are a few issues specifically
> regarding 2.0.0-beta1:
>    - On Windows & Linux, you must have Java already installed; ImageJ2 is
>    not bundled with Java, nor will it download it for you.
>    - On Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, there is a bug that prevents ImageJ2 from
>    launching successfully. This bug will be fixed in the next beta release,
>    and is already fixed in the development version.
>    - On Windows, when ImageJ2 first starts, a console message ("Falling
>    back to system Java") appears, which is merely informative and is safe to
>    ignore. This message will no longer be displayed in the next beta release,
>    and is already fixed in the development version.
> For further details on this release, including a discussion of new
> features, please see our blog post:
>   http://developer.imagej.net/2012/04/09/imagej-v200-beta1
> You can download the release from:
>   http://developer.imagej.net/downloads
> That page also has a table of planned future releases and roadmap links for
> the project.
> For more details on the ImageJ developments, see the web site at:
>   http://developer.imagej.net/
> Regards,
> Curtis Rueden
> ImageJDev project lead
> Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation
> University of Wisconsin-Madison

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