[ImageJ-devel] imglib2

Tobias Pietzsch tobias.pietzsch at inf.tu-dresden.de
Fri Feb 25 18:27:52 CST 2011

Hi Johannes,

On 02/25/2011 11:53 PM, Johannes Schindelin wrote:
> I just pushed a branch 'imglib2-cleanup' which I intend to merge into
> imglib2 (as discussed IRL, imglib2 should not have non-compiling stuff so
> that we can go to a stable version Real Soon Now).
> The classes I removed fall into 5 categories:
> - CanvasImage (algorithm), dunno what to do with that,
> - shapelist: probably needs adjustements WRT the OutOfBounds changes,

We started removing stuff from imglib2 branch as well, but it's not
pushed yet (Stephan had to leave before we were finished cleaning up). 
- Stephan, could you just push the changes we made so far? -

I guess we already made most of the changes that are imglib2-cleanup.

ShapeList compiles (I think Albert fixed it) but there is still some
renaming to do to fit the new Interface names. So we thought to put
it in the imglib2 branch, noting that is still subject to change.

I'm also fine with removing it for now until it can be considered

> - interpolation: same as shapelist,

Will not be in the imglib2 branch now.
I'm working on that currently in the imglib2-dirty branch.
Should be ready by Monday, then we can put it back into imglib2.

> - OutOfBoundsStrategyMirrorExpWindowing (outofbounds): dunno,

me neither...

> - sampler: you said that this package is no longer needed.

true. Samplers (Cursor, RandomAccess) are now in the same package as
their respective containers. I think that was a very good decision.
Besides having everything in one place now, it has also the advantage
that Cursors can have access to package private members of their

> I changed three Positionable implementations, as they obviously just
> needed their moveTo() methods be renamed to move().

Stephan is working on fixing those, as well.

> Stephans (including Stephan 3): are you okay with merging this into
> the imglib2 branch?

Let's wait until Stephan 1 pushes.
I think that the imglib2-cleanup changes will be already in imglib2.


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