[ImageJ-devel] imglib2

Johannes Schindelin Johannes.Schindelin at gmx.de
Fri Feb 25 16:53:08 CST 2011


I just pushed a branch 'imglib2-cleanup' which I intend to merge into 
imglib2 (as discussed IRL, imglib2 should not have non-compiling stuff so 
that we can go to a stable version Real Soon Now).

The classes I removed fall into 5 categories:

- CanvasImage (algorithm), dunno what to do with that,

- shapelist: probably needs adjustements WRT the OutOfBounds changes,

- interpolation: same as shapelist,

- OutOfBoundsStrategyMirrorExpWindowing (outofbounds): dunno,

- sampler: you said that this package is no longer needed.

I changed three Positionable implementations, as they obviously just 
needed their moveTo() methods be renamed to move().

Stephans (including Stephan 3): are you okay with merging this into 
the imglib2 branch?


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