[ImageJ-devel] Naming [was: Re: [fiji-devel] RegionOfInterestCursor considered misnamed]

Grant B. Harris gharris at mbl.edu
Mon Oct 11 20:34:16 CDT 2010


"Domain" is appealing in that it can be interpreted broadly - images and 
signals can "be in" the spatial domain, frequency domain, or wavelet 
domain.  And it doesn't have any implied dimensionality (unlike "space" 
which has some connotation of only 3-D).

Also, I like the idea of a sub-interface called `Tensors' for a discrete 
regular grid.

- Grant

On 10/11/2010 4:17 PM, Stephan Saalfeld wrote:
> Hi,
>> I vote for interface "Tensor".
>> The misnamed "imglib" is a tensor lib.
>>  From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tensor :
>> "... tensors in general can be considered as a multidimensional array
>> of numbers"
> ... which is true for only the most basic concepts to be expressed by
> the intended interface `Image'.  Already a sparsely sampled space is not
> a tensor any more, neither is a 3d-scene description or a
> hyper-spherical mask (actually anything that is not a box and discrete).
> Yes, you can sample these Images in a discrete raster but you don't have
> to.  Positionables in real space (Interpolators) are the most trivial
> example.  The Iterator already does it's own magic.
> The true meaning of the interface Image is that it spans and limits a
> function-space or domain, so we could call it `Function', `Space' or
> `Domain', great for math-agnostic developers learning the API (though
> not as horrible as LocalizableByDimCursor ;)).  `Tensors' could then be
> a sub-interface that guarantees that the samples are on a discrete
> regular grid of a box.
> I completely agree that it sucks to collide with java.awt.Image.
> Besides, I am quite sure that, in the global Java namespace, there is
> little room for non-colliding names except we call it a silly name.  I
> am pro:
> Img (favorite), Domain (promising collisions), Space, Scene, Function
> (best choice but promising collisions and missleading expectations).
> The most recent developments are tracked in the branch sampler-link
> (which stems from sampler but got rid of the links...) where development
> was recently stopped for too long time by the silly CellContainer bug
> that came from master but I was searching in the changes...
> Best,
> Stephan
>> Albert

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