[ImageJ-devel] Development session next Thursday

Curtis Rueden ctrueden at wisc.edu
Wed Jul 14 17:23:29 CDT 2010

Hi everyone,

The ImageJDev team had spoken about having an all-day development session to
explore imglib integration with the current ImageJ codebase. As a start,
this would entail altering the ImageProcessor subclasses to use imglib as a
backing data store, but from there we would flesh out how to integrate the
library at a more fundamental level. This could include identifying key
areas of the code where references to ImageProcessor and/or ImagePlus would
be changed to mpicbg.imglib.image.Image, a class hierarchy which would
continue to support legacy code, and if time allows, beginning actual
development of such changes.

The original proposal was for this session to take place from 10am-4pm CDT
tomorrow (Thursday the 15th), with a break for lunch. However, due to a
number of scheduling conflicts, the current plan is to schedule for next
week, Thursday the 22nd. The session will include LOCI programmers as well
as Grant remotely. Later in the afternoon Kevin will join and we will
present our findings and accomplishments for the day.

In some ways the session is a sort of experiment to see if this kind of
collaborative design work is fruitful. If successful, we may schedule
additional sessions to tackle other aspects of the ImageJ refactoring, as
discussed in my recent presentation (which I will post on
imagejdev.orgwithin the next couple of days).

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