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Plugins of library Xlib

Xlib (ImageJ / Fiji)
Author Beat Münch
Maintainer Beat Münch
File xlib_.jar
Initial release 01.06.2015
Latest version 01.12.2019
Development status maintained actively as of December 2019
Category Plugins

This plugin contains various powerful utilities for basic image analysis, filtering, segmentation, pore and particle size analysis, reconstruction, 2D / 3D editing and viewing. All plugins run on images or image stacks. Almost all plugins are capable to run either in two or in three dimensions (i.e. 2D images or 3D image volumes provided by image stacks). Full documentation can be found here.

The plugins includes:

  • Engine for finding the closest candidate to a list of chemical substances
  • Import elementary image data from .dmp files (e.g. from Matlab)

  • Anisotropic diffusion
  • Canny edge detection
  • Clustering of images
  • Particle disconnection
  • Distance transform
  • Fast Fourier transform of arbitrary sized images
  • Utterly generalized image calculator
  • Labeling of disconnected binary mask objects
  • Remove background from image by polynomial approximation
  • Roundness filter
  • Skeletonization of binary masks
  • Removal of horizontal and vertical stripes
  • Generalized image transforms
  • Wavelet decomposition and reconstruction

  • Filtered backprojection of projections
  • Conversion of sets of projections to sinograms and vice versa
  • Reconstruct imaginable virtual 3D structures from given binary 2D structures

  • Calculate particle size distribution of binary particle structures
  • Evaluate images consisting of a number of homogeneous phases
  • Calculate pore size distribution of binary pore structures

  • Interactively display 3D volume by an orthogonal slicer
  • Engine for interactive editing of labeled binary particle structures
  • Engine for basic interactive segmentation of images and volumes
  • Rendering of 3D image masks

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