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After installing Fiji, go to "Help" => "Update..." => "Manage update site" => select "PET-CT" => apply change.

This will bring up a list of all plugins, not all of which need be installed. For example you may not want Read_ClearCanvas_Studies.jar and/or Read_BI_Studies.jar. In such cases click on "Status/Action" and choose "Keep as-is"

The software

  • Pet_Ct_Viewer.jar

    This is the basic package needed by all other plugins. Help

  • Read_CD.jar

    This reads from multiple sources and automatically calls Pet Ct Viewer if appropriate. Help

  • Gastric_Emptying.jar

    This contains multiple Nuclear Medicine and general purpose programs:

  • Read_BI_Studies.jar

    This is for read-write to the Beth Israel miniPacs. Help The program to set up the database createBIdatabase.jar is not part of Fiji and needs to be downloaded and run separately. Help

  • Read_ClearCanvas_Studies.jar

    This is used for reading Clear Canvas studies. Help

  • StartupMacros.ijm

    This is the suggested list of programs to automatically start when Fiji is started.

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