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Roi 1-click tools

ROI 1-click tools (ImageJ)
Author Laurent Thomas
Update site ROI 1-click tools
Maintainer Laurent Thomas
Source on GitHub
Initial release 2019
Development status active
Category Analysis

New versions

- Fix ROI slice-position that was not saved previously.
This requires ImageJ >= 1.52r, otherwise a message is shown when annotating stacks.

- Add ROI group to click-tools settings if ImageJ >= 1.52t

- Add custom ROI buttons (define from active ROI)
- Add help button in toolbar

- Save settings in memory for next run
- Show new default group in ImageJ status bar upon pressing numerical keypad shortcuts

- Add numerical keyboard shortcut, such that the 0 to 9 keys of the keypad on the right of the keyboard (not the top row) can be used to set the current roi group


In Fiji, activate the ROI 1-click tools update site.
In ImageJ, copy the file Roi 1-Click Tools.ijm to ImageJ\macros\toolsets


See the Readme of the GitHub repo.

Video tutorial

See tuto on youtube.


The ROI 1-click tools were published in micropublication Biology.
If you use these tools please cite:

Thomas, LS; Gehrig, J (2020)
ImageJ/Fiji ROI 1-click tools for rapid manual image annotations and measurements
microPublication Biology. 10.17912/micropub.biology.000215