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MBF Plugin Collection

The MBF "ImageJ for microscopy" manual was an online resource available from 2007 through October of 2012. The manual described a collection of ~200 plugins carefully collated and organized by Tony Collins of the McMaster Biophotonics Facility (MBF). Tony originally created the collection in 2005 while at the Wright Cell Imaging Facility (WCIF), and continued to update it with the move to MBF until December of 2009. While the plugin collection itself is still available from the ImageJ web site, the manual site has since gone offline.

We have posted a mirror of the last available version of the MBF ImageJ manual. However, please be aware that the plugin collection and manual are now several years out of date, and some plugins are no longer functional with recent versions of ImageJ.

Hence, rather than using the MBF ImageJ plugins, we encourage users to peruse the Cookbook, which was inspired by MBF ImageJ but describes functionality available in the most recent version of Fiji, including many plugins originally distributed with MBF ImageJ.