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Plugin for ImageJ to measure linear distances in binary images in X and Y direction. It scans an image linewise (with a given skip distance) in both directions and finds stripes of only black or white and calculates the mean length of these stripes.


Used for the calcuation of mean free paths in a two phase material.


tested with ImageJ 1.50e and Fiji


Copy the File LinearDistance_.jar in the plugins/jars folder. When using Fiji, you can simply add the update site LinearDistance.


Open one or more binary (black/white) images or binarize an image. Start the plugin by selecting "Plugins>Analyze>Measure linear distances" and select the results you want to obtain.

Available Options

Option Description
Apply image calibration Applies the set scale of each image to the results (by multiplying it)
Step distance between measures The number of pixels/units to skip between the analyzed lines
Calibrate step distance Skip units instead of pixels
Measure all opened images When not selected, only the active image will be analyzed
Standard Deviations Print standard deviations for all measurements
Numbers Print the number of counted stripes
Both Phases Calculates also the mean of both (all) Phases (Black and White)


Source available at