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FijiWings (Fiji/ImageJ)
Author Alex Dobens, Leonard Dobens
Maintainer Leonard Dobens
Development status stable


This set of macros control plugin to perform semi-automatic tracing of insect wing veins and determination of trichome number and density. The native file format is open and XML-based. This plugin is Free Software (also known as Open Source software) and is supplied as a packaged version of Fiji, here <>.

To help you to get started with using this plugin, there is an explanatory screencast here:


This plugin is free software, licensed under the GNU GPL v3 so please do contribute any patches or suggestions that you think would be useful. Please email me at with any feedback.


A packaged version of Fiji for both MacOS and Windows are available for download at <>. Following download, FijiWings is unzipped and used directly.


Please report any bugs that you find with Fiji's Help  › Report a Bug menu option. For other feedback please email dobensl at There are other ways of giving feedback on Fiji (e.g. the mailing lists, IRC, etc.) listed at Help.

Citing FijiWings

If you would like to reference FijiWings in a publication, you can cite:


Technical Documentation

see <>


These macros were written by Alexander Dobens with feedback and direction from Leonard Dobens.

Many thanks to all of those authors for releasing their code under the GPL.