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Edge and symmetry filter

Edge and Symmetry filter

3D Canny-Deriche edge detection filter and symmetry filter.


Thomas Boudier


This plugin will compute the gradients of the image based on the Canny edge detector. The symmetry filter will vote for the voxels inside the object based on the gradient vector direction.

Alpha parameter refers to the smoothing in canny edge detection, the smaller the value, the smoother the edges.

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The radius parameter refer to the radius of the object whose symmetry is to be detected. Normalization and scaling refer to internal values of the algorithm, see Gertych et al. for references. The smoothed version is smoothed using ImageJ 3D Gaussian filter with a radius 2.

The improved seed detection refer to a modified implementation to better detect seeds inside objects rather than objects themselves.

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The gradient vector is perpendicular to the edges, voxels along the direction of the gradient are highlighted and vote for the symmetry.


For details go to the 3D ImageJ Suite.


When using the plugin for publication, please refer to :

J. Ollion, J. Cochennec, F. Loll, C. Escudé, T. Boudier. (2013) TANGO: A Generic Tool for High-throughput 3D Image Analysis for Studying Nuclear Organization. Bioinformatics 2013 Jul 15;29(14):1840-1. (doi)

A. Gertych et al., Computers in Biology and Medecine, 2015 (doi)


GPL distribution (see licence). Sources are available freely.