This is an archive of the old MediaWiki-based ImageJ wiki. The current website can be found at


Wish list

The community encourages discussion about proposed changes on ImageJ's communication channels. Submit your ideas!

Start on the forum, searching for discussions related to your contribution to get some context & background. It can also be helpful to search for applicable issues and plans across the spectrum of ImageJ resources. The ImageJ community believes that public discussion is important so that ideas are exposed to healthy alternate points of view rather than lost.

If you are interested in helping to tackle open issues, see the wish list page.

This web site

This site,, is a wiki (similar to the Wikipedia project). This site is built by the ImageJ community, and anyone can contribute!

If you are an ImageJ user, contributing documentation is an easy way to give back to the community without needing to learn software development skills.

If you are a plugin author, please consider documenting your plugin on this site. You can have a look at the page How_to_make_a_new_tutorial.

When in doubt, discuss your ideas publicly on the Forum!


Submit patches to ImageJ2 via pull requests against ImageJ2's source on GitHub.

Note that since ImageJ2 has a modular architecture, it is possible that your change would be more applicable to one of the supporting technologies such as ImgLib2, SCIFIO or SciJava.


Changes to ImageJ1 are made by Wayne Rasband, who is the sole ImageJ1 developer. He takes patch submissions and then reworks them to fit within the project's development model and style before merging them. Attribution for the changes is noted in the release notes (see ImageJ1's Release Notes/News).

Methods of getting the patch to Wayne include:

The important part is that Wayne receive the code/patch, since he is the only one with the authority to merge it.

(See also this nice response from Curtis Rueden on the ImageJ mailing list.)