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ClearVolume (Fiji)
Author Florian Jug, Loic Royer, Martin Weigert, Ulrik Günther
Maintainer Florian Jug
Source on GitHub
Development status active
Category Visualization

Problems and Solutions

We work constantly on improving the Fiji and KNIME plugins. Help us doing so by letting us know if you encounter problems.

  • Problem: on a Mac, after ClearVolume opens in Fiji I see a large grey area where the 3D viewer should be.
  • Solution: we work on a fix... so far, double click on the grey area to switch to full screen, then double click again to go back to window mode.

What is ClearVolume?

“I checked out ClearVolume. Extremely well-made plugin! Does exactly what I want :)”
—komodovaran [ source ]
ClearVolume is a volume renderer developed at MPI-CBG. Its sources are open and can be cloned from GitHub. If you use ClearVolume in your research, please cite it—see reference below.


The main ClearVolume plugin can render volumetric multi-channel data. Channel LUTs, transparency, rendering quality, etc. can easily be set in the plugins user interface. We thank Tzumin Lee's group at Janelia for being allowed to use their twin-spot MARCM (Yu et al., Nature Neuroscience, 2009) labeled neurons.
The ClearVolume network client can be started from Fiji/ImageJ2 and enables users to receive volumetric data from a remote source, e.g. live from a microscope in the basement of your collaborators institute.

See ClearVolume in action!

Installing ClearVolume in Fiji or ImageJ2

  1. Download Fiji or ImageJ2 from here.
  2. Start Fiji/ImageJ2 and launch the updater (Help - Update...)
  3. Click on Manage update sites, tick the box next to ClearVolume, and hit Close.
  4. If you use an older Fiji installation you MUST also check and install the Java-8 update site. For more recent Fiji installations this update site will already be selected.
  5. Confirm the update/installation by clicking Apply changes and restart Fiji/ImageJ as suggested by the updater.

Other ways to use ClearVolume

The ClearVolume team provides a plugin for KNIME Image Processing. See this page for details.
The original purpose of ClearVolume is to bring live volumetric rendering to modern microscopy. Please check the wiki on GibHub for detailed informations.


Feature requests and bug reports can be posted on GitHub. For any further questions please contact any of us

  • Florian Jug (
  • Loic Royer (
  • Martin Weigert (
  • Ulrik Günther (