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3D Viewer: Screencasts

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A number of screencasts exist to help new users getting a particular job done with the 3D Viewer.

For remaining questions, there is also a detailed User FAQs page.

Display stacks

This movie demonstrates

  • how to start the 3D viewer.
  • how to load multiple objects, select individual objects and delete them from the view.
  • basic interaction: How to rotate and zoom with the mouse.

Rendering modes and attributes

This movie demonstrates

  • how to switch rendering for individual objects between volume rendering, orthoslices and surface view.
  • how to change object attributes such as color, transparency, threshold, etc.

Adjusting the transfer functions

This movie demonstrates

  • how to specify for each channel individually how bright/transparent pixels are rendered in 3D.

Editing volumes

This movie demonstrates

  • how to interactively edit and crop volumes.

Point lists

This movie demonstrates

  • how to create landmarks
  • how to show and hide landmark points
  • how to save and load landmark points
  • how to edit them.

Landmark-based registration

This movie demonstrates

  • how to use landmark points for landmark-based rigid registration.


This movie demonstrates

  • how to set and apply transformations in form of matrices.
  • how to save and load transformation matrices.
  • how to avoid unintended object transformation by locking it.
  • how to reset the transformation of an object.

3D Content in PDFs

This video demonstrates

  • how to export triangle meshes to a .u3d file
  • how to embed the u3d file in a latex file
  • how to compile it into a pdf containing the 3D data

Outdated movie

Very detailed, but outdated movie.