[ImageJ-devel] time-lapse stabilization

Stephan Preibisch preibisch at mpi-cbg.de
Thu Oct 8 13:02:12 CDT 2015


it is still implemented in ImgLib1 (Stitching plugin) awaiting a porting to ImgLib2. The FFT routines are already there though.

Do you maybe feel like doing it? :)

All the best,

> On 08 Oct 2015, at 00:20, Jean Ollion <smogollion at yahoo.fr> wrote:
> Hi everyone, 
> I'm looking for a stabilization algorithm for 2D/3D time-lapse images, that can be used from java code. I only need to compute a translation. 
> I wondered if there was one using ImgLib2 using the Fourier Shift Theorem .
> Thanks a lot, 
> Jean
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