[ImageJ-devel] Developping new UI for ImageJ

Mongis Cyril cyril.mongis at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 26 10:48:56 CDT 2015

Hi everyone,

I'm currently embedding ImageJ in one my application but I use JavaFX for
the user interface. I would like to channel the image windows, which are
created and handled by ImageJ, to JavaFX elements. In other words, when a
plugin wants to display an image, this image would be displayed in a JavaFX
element. While JavaFX is relatively easy to handle, it's pretty hard to
understand the structure of the ImageJ User Interface stack and the
interactions between the classes that composes it. I know that the
ImageDisplayService has a certain role but I have troubles to see when
practical decisions (like drawing the image in a canvas, or adding a slider
for the Z position, or changing the name of the window in the swing part)
are taken. I looked in the imagej-ui-swing so I have an idea about the
location of some events. But I also don't know how to signal ImageJ that
there is an other UI connected to ImageJ/

Which class should I re-implement ? I guess I should re-implement the same
classes as the ones implemented in the imagej-swing-ui module then, how to
set it in the context ?

Is there any drawing that represent the UI interaction scheme ? ( when a
image is opened for instance)

Is there any resources that would provide some base knowledge to better
understand the UI stack.

I would of course commit my work to the community.


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