[ImageJ-devel] Calculate overlay statistics

Mongis Cyril cyril.mongis at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 6 08:19:04 CDT 2015

Dear everyone,

I'm trying to calculate the statistics of a an overlay for the active
I try to use the PointSet but it doesn't work. The thread is just blocked :

public double getMean(ImageDisplay imageDisplay, Overlay overlay) {
     final PointSet ps = new RoiPointSet(overlay.getRegionOfInterest());
     return (double) opService.mean(ps);

The PointSet API seems to be deprecated and when I dig into the Ops code,
it seems that the statistic function just accept an iterable. From what I
understood, PointSet are set of coordinates inside the image. I guess I
need to associate the coordinates to a dataset and get an Iterable/Function
out of it. Is there a service that already does this ? Or is it the wrong
approach ?


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