[ImageJ-devel] ImageJ Custom UI and preprocessors

Mongis Cyril cyril.mongis at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 29 03:17:05 CDT 2015

Dear all,

I'm actually integrating ImageJ in my PhD project. It leads me to
implements a JavaFX UI for ImageJ. Thanks to Curtis's help, I have been
able to support image opening and displaying. I'm now facing the issue of
triggering the filling of parameters via the UI. My menu is generated via a
MenuCreator implementation (the whole MenuCreator structure is a brillant
idea by the way, it allowed to integrate the ImageJ Menu in no time !) and
call the ShadowMenu.run() for the corresponding module. Applying LUT works
(so I guess that getting the active display works). However, when I want to
apply a Gaussian Blur (for instance), the software sents back a message
telling that the "dataset" input hasn't been provided. I guess it's a
preprocessor issue. I already did some digging about how preprocessor work
(from the tutorial and from the code that I read), but I lacking
explanations about the big picture. My main question is  : which approach
should I use make Imagej trigger my UI with some kind of auto-generated
dialog ? Should I create my own preprocessor or just maybe implements some
kind of UI binding used by an already existing preprocessor ? Since
applying LUT seems to work, does it means several preprocessor are executed
before a command is ran ? If yes, how is the preprocessing order decided ?
Could you point me to some existing preprocessor that does most of the
logic so I don't have to re-implement simple operations ?

I joined a screenshot of the current state of the ImageJ integration :-)


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