[ImageJ-devel] [LOCI ImageJ] IJ2 Plugin Service

Johannes Schindelin Johannes.Schindelin at gmx.de
Tue May 6 12:43:56 CDT 2014

Hi Jay,

On Tue, 6 May 2014, Jay Warrick wrote:

> You run the application once, it fixes the jar file but the changes to
> the jar file on disk are not reflected in the jar file that is loaded
> already in memory for running the application (at least as indicated by
> the getResources() method).

That is not the intended workflow -- as both Curtis & I pointed out.

The annotation indexes are supposed to be generated at compile time. The
way we do that is fully compliant with the Java standard.

By using an environment that does not abide by that standard -- Eclipse --
you make it your responsibility to ensure that the annotation indexes are
generated correctly.

You could do that by making unit tests an integral part of your build
process *before* bundling into a .jar (which you should do anyway, if you
want to follow best Java practices), or by running the EclipseHelper in
another manner.

You could do that by making it a Maven project and importing it into

You could do that by forcing Eclipse into running the annotation
processors (as mandated by the Java standard).

You could figure out another way to make the annotation indexing run
before packaging the sources into .jar files.

What will not work is to continue to try to generate the annotation
indexes at a stage that is way later than compile time.


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