[ImageJ-devel] TrackMate v2.2.0

Jean-Yves Tinevez tinevez at pasteur.fr
Wed Mar 19 16:01:09 CDT 2014

Dear friends and colleagues

We are happy to announce a new version of TrackMate, our Fiji plugin for 
your everyday tracking problems.

The full list of changes is listed here: 
http://fiji.sc/2014-03-19_-_TrackMate_v2.2.0_released and here are some 

Version 2.2.0 focuses mainly on extendability, tracking performance and 
detection accuracy.

  * Major*improvement for tracking performance*: The LAP trackers are
    now based on theJonker-Volgenant
    <http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2FBF02278710>solver, which
    performs better than the Munkres-Kuhn we were using until then. Our
    initial tests report that this new version runs 2x to 4x faster.

  * A*major problem was found in the LoG detector*: Because of a severe
    rounding error, the LoG detector was not behaving as a true LoG
    detector, which strongly hindered its accuracy and potence. The
    problem is now fixed and*the accuracy of the detector has vastly
    improved*. You should now observe much better results when using
    this detector: less spurious spots, better spot size sensitivity,
    better sensitivity to faint spots. On its side, the DoG detector now
    handles spots that lie on the border of the images better. Of
    course, the results will be different when comparing to v2.1.1.

  * We also took the chance to rewrite all the detectors from scratch,
    using the latest development inImgLib2 <http://fiji.sc/ImgLib2>.
    This prompted*major performance improvement for the detection process*.

  * Complete rewrite of the way we handle modules in TrackMate.
    TrackMate now usesSciJava <http://www.scijava.org/>and exploit its
    automatic discovery mechanism for modules. Practically,*it is now
    very easy to extend TrackMate*, and you do not depend on us anymore
    at all for anything. We could completely disappear and you would
    still be able to extend TrackMate so that it suits your need,
    without requiring any of our help. Severaltutorials
    <http://fiji.sc/TrackMate#For_developers_2>describe how to do this.
    This is made possible thanks to the enormous efforts of the SciJava
    team. Thanks to them!

We are very grateful for the user feedback we received, and for the 
courageous users that tested and reported problems during the RC phase. 
We hope you find the tool useful. We hope you find the tool useful for 
you research and welcome your feedback on these channels.

Johannes & JY


Jean-Yves Tinevez
PFID - Imagopole
Institut Pasteur
25-28, rue du Docteur Roux
75724 Paris cedex 15
mob: +33 7 88 17 97 69
tel: +33 1 45 68 82 18

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