[ImageJ-devel] latest LoadAndDisplayDataset()

Brian Northan bnorthan at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 09:10:00 CST 2014

Hi developers

I was having trouble with some previously functional ij-ops related jython
scripts.  So I grabbed a fresh copy of imagej-tutorials to double check
some things.

I noticed that in the 'LoadAndDisplayDataSet' project
ij.dataset().open(...) is deprecated.  When running the tutorial I get a
'No such class: io.scif.config.SCIFIOConfig' exception.

Do I need to be using a different call to open a dataset??  If so can
anyone point me to info on this?

Sorry if I missed an announcement or other thread about this, I looked
around a bit and couldn't find anything.

Thanks a lot

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