[ImageJ-devel] [fiji-devel] moving to Java 7

Gabriel Landini G.Landini at bham.ac.uk
Sun Dec 7 04:25:45 CST 2014

On Sunday 07 Dec 2014 02:51:35 Tobias Pietzsch wrote:
> we are considering to increase the required Java version for ImageJ2/Fiji
> from 6 to 7. Java 6 has been unsupported (ie, no more fixes and updates)
> for over 1.5 years now, Java 7 is around for a long time, and developers
> are moving on to Java 8 even.
> Before we just move to Java 7, we want to see what users would think about
> this. So, are there any strong opinions out there?

I have no strong opinion, but under opensuse linux 13.2, IJ1 with oracle Java 
1.6, when I run this 1 line macro alone:

setPixel(2,2, 32);

it shows a window with a "no image open" error message, and an "OK" button.

With openjdk OR oracle 1.7, the window is blank, with no button, making it 
impossible to do any further with IJ, close the window or close IJ.
I have to kill Java from the System Activity list to exit.

Under fiji the macro seems to be OK, but I guess this is because it is using 
Java 1.6. Maybe it is a simple bug, but I think it is better to check that 
this does not happen before moving to 1.7.


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