[ImageJ-devel] IJ2 Plugin Service

Jay Warrick jay.w.warrick at gmail.com
Sat Apr 26 03:13:09 CDT 2014

Hi All,

I use Eclipse and use the eclipse function to export my program as a runnable jar with referenced jars packaged in the application jar. I use the IJ plugin service to discover both IJ plugins of type Command.class as well as my own type called JEXPlugin.class. When I run the application from eclipse, the JEXPlugins are discovered by the ij.plugin() service. However, when I export the application as a runnable jar, ij.plugin()service returns all the Command.class plugins but 0 plugins of type JEXPlugin.class using the call "ij.plugin().getPluginsOfType(JEXPlugin.class);"

Any idea why or how to fix it?



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