[ImageJ-devel] ImgLib split?

Johannes Schindelin schindelin at wisc.edu
Mon Apr 7 16:06:07 CDT 2014

Hi Tobias, Stephan & Stephan,

certainly you saw Curtis' recent mail about our plans for ImageJ2?
Basically, we want to release a version of ImageJ whose user interface
looks like ImageJ1, but internally uses all the goodies on which we worked
so hard these past years.

That includes ImgLib2, of course, so we would need to bring parts of
ImgLib2 out of beta. In particular, we found it unwise to always version
all of ImgLib2 in unison. Rather, there should be releases of the
individual components whenever there should be new releases: bug fixes,
API enhancements, API-breaking major new developments.

As always, Curtis & I are ready to help with all of that stuff, in
particular with helpers making release engineering close to fun. Our
central goal in that respect is to make it as easy as possible to switch
between A) reproducible builds with release couplings; and B)
tightly-coupled builds with snapshot couplings for rapid development
across components.

The first step would be to break the multi-module ImgLib2 repository apart
(much in the way we split out imglib2-tests and friends, except that we
split out *all* of the individual projects). We do not see any other way
to get only that part of ImgLib2 out of beta that we really need for the
ImageJ2 release...

Are you okay with that plan?


P.S. We are planning to split up imagej.git in very much the same way.

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