[ImageJ-devel] Unit test problems

Johannes Schindelin Johannes.Schindelin at gmx.de
Sat Nov 2 22:35:54 CDT 2013

Dear Wayne,

it is better to discuss this on the mailing list, as I am not the only one
who can change things, and I prefer not to be the bottleneck (there *are*
days when I am completely offline).

On Sat, 2 Nov 2013, Wayne Rasband wrote:

> There appear to be a few problems with the unit tests. I got 20 email
> messages with titles like "Build failed in Jenkins:
> ImageJ1-daily-unit-tests #nnn" after I uploaded the ImageJ 1.48g3 daily
> build, and Jenkins seems to be running the tests on ImageJ 1.48f, not
> the daily build. It reports the error
>    Failed tests:   testGetFeretValues(ij.gui.ShapeRoiTest): arrays first
>    differed at element [1]; expected:<-73.3007558> but was:<106.69924423399361>
> but the daily build always returns positive values as the Feret's angle.

As you can see from
the daily build is atually downloaded and tested...

I also verified that the downloaded ij.jar has the correct ImageJ.VERSION
and ImageJ.BUILD and that the command-line

	mvn -Dimagej1.version=1.48g3 clean test

fails because it tries to download the correct version (the Jenkins job
provides alternative settings so that the local repository -- which is
populated with the downloaded ij.jar -- is used).


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