[ImageJ-devel] updater

Johannes Schindelin Johannes.Schindelin at gmx.de
Thu Jan 31 10:35:12 CST 2013

Hi Gerrit,

On Thu, 31 Jan 2013, Polder, Gerrit wrote:

> Johannes,
> sorry to bother you again, I know you are very busy.
> This has to do with bug 550, I still get:
> java.lang.NullPointerException
> at imagej.updater.core.FilesUploader.<init>(FilesUploader.java:97)
> at imagej.updater.core.FilesUploader.<init>(FilesUploader.java:86)
> at imagej.updater.core.FilesUploader.initialUpload(FilesUploader.java:356)
> at imagej.updater.gui.UpdaterFrame.initializeUpdateSite(UpdaterFrame.java:863)
> when I try to initialise my update site.
> Is there a way to add the files by hand for the time being?
> Where can I find an empty db.xml.gz?

The easiest would be to initialize the update site locally. Use something
like the UpdaterTest, it uses an SSH host "file:localhost:/path/to/x":



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