[ImageJ-devel] strange behaviour using calibration object.

Polder, Gerrit gerrit.polder at wur.nl
Mon Jan 28 07:52:29 CST 2013

Since today my calibration software doesn't work anymore.
After a little bit of debugging it looks like setCalibration in ImagePlus doesn't set the calibration.

this code:
        ImagePlus overlay_im = new Duplicator().run(imp);
        IJ.log("1-> "+cal.getCalibration() + " - " + cal.getCalibration().scaled());
        IJ.log("2-> " + overlay_im.getCalibration()+ " - " + overlay_im.getCalibration().scaled());
produces this output:
1-> w=0.19120458891013384, h=0.19120458891013384, d=1.0, unit=mm, f=20, nc=null, table=null, vunit=Gray Value - true
2-> w=1.0, h=1.0, d=1.0, unit=pixel, f=20, nc=null, table=null, vunit=Gray Value - false

any help?


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