[ImageJ-devel] opening a tif file from a resource

Rasband, Wayne (NIH/NIMH) [E] rasbandw at mail.nih.gov
Wed Jan 16 23:42:34 CST 2013

On Jan 16, 2013, at 12:50 AM, Chris wrote:

> I can open a jpeg file using 
>         java.net.URL url;
>         url = getClass().getResource(image.jpg);
>         java.awt.Image image = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getImage(url);
>         imp = new ImagePlus("", image);
>         if (imp != null) {
>             imp.show();
> 	}
> but this will not work for a tiff image.  My tiff image is a stack.  How can I open the tiff stack that is bundled in the resources folder of my jar file?

Hi Chris,

The "JAR Resources Demo" plugin at


opens TIFFs using 

   InputStream is = getClass().getResourceAsStream(path+"image.tif");
   if (is!=null) {
      Opener opener = new Opener();
      ImagePlus imp = opener.openTiff(is, "San Francisco (TIFF)");
      if (imp!=null)
which should work with ImageJ TIFF stacks.


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