[ImageJ-devel] Helper script for fixup commits

Curtis Rueden ctrueden at wisc.edu
Tue Feb 5 13:53:00 CST 2013

Hi Dscho,

> as promised, a little Perl script to help with fixup commits.

Thank you very much!

FYI, I have committed the script, together with your comments, here:


I also added the alias "fix = !fixup-rebase" to my .gitconfig. Works like a


On Mon, Feb 4, 2013 at 5:55 PM, Johannes Schindelin <schindelin at wisc.edu>wrote:

> Hi Curtis,
> as promised, a little Perl script to help with fixup commits.
> For everybody who wonders what I am talking about: my preferred workflow
> involves topic branches for projects involving more than one commit
> (single commits are not worth the hassle). For this, I start with
>         git checkout -b <name>
> (Actually, very often I do have changes already, but that's okay, I can
> still make a new branch from the current state.)
> Then I make changes and commit and rewrite the topic branch frequently.
> For example, when I find that I made a mistake in the first commit, but I
> am already on the fourth commit in the topic branch, I commit a "fixup":
>         git commit --fixup HEAD^^^
> This tells Git to look at the third-last commit, take the first line,
> prepend it with "fixup! " and commit with that message. Such a
> specially-crafted commit message is interpreted by "git rebase -i
> --autosquash" to mean that it should reorder the commits so that the fixup
> commit can amend the original one.
> After a couple of commits, my topic branch would look a bit like this:
>         <hash>   <first-line>
>         01234567 Fix typos in the README
>         cafebabe Format LICENSE
>         fedcba98 fixup! Fix typos in the README
>         223387ab Add another author
> When calling "git rebase -i --autosquash origin/master" -- assuming that I
> started my topic branch directly on origin/master -- Git would present me
> with an "edit script" like this:
>         pick 01234567 Fix typos in the README
>         fixup fedcba98 fixup! Fix typos in the README
>         pick cafebabe Format LICENSE
>         pick 223387ab Add another author
> The "fixup" means that the second commit will be applied, but these
> changes will be merged into the first commit.
> I could ask rebase for further changes, such as "reword"ing the rather
> unhelpful commit message of the now-last commit, but usually I keep things
> as they are with the autosquash'ed reordering.
> If you grow tired -- as did I -- of having to type "--autosquash" all the
> time: do what I did:
>         git config --global rebase.autosquash true
> That will make that rather helpful behavior the default.
> I try to document such things on the Fiji Wiki, of course:
> http://fiji.sc/Topic_branches
> Back to you Curtis: I did write that Perl script which finds out what
> commit you should rebase onto, but the truth is that
>         git rebase -i --autosquash $(git merge-base HEAD origin/master)
> would work just as well: interactive rebase is clever enough not to
> rewrite the first commits when there is no need to. In other words, it
> does not re-commit any commit when it would have the same parent.
> Ciao,
> Dscho
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