[ImageJ-devel] ImageJ2 repository migrated to Git

Curtis Rueden ctrueden at wisc.edu
Thu May 17 16:24:54 CDT 2012

Hi everyone,

Today we have completed the migration of the ImageJ2 repository to Git.

The SVN repository is still available, but has been frozen permanently at
r5524, with no further commits allowed. Future work will take place only in
the Git repository, available on GitHub:

The ImageJ2 web site (http://developer.imagej.net/) has been updated to
reflect these changes, and an update to the ImageJ Trac (
http://trac.imagej.net/) is coming soon.

Alternately, there are two other Git mirrors (kept bidirectionally in sync)
you can use if desired:

The fiji.sc mirror is in Dresden, Germany, and the imagej.net mirror is in
Madison, WI, USA.

If you have an existing clone of the Git repository from when it was still
an SVN mirror, it will work to do a "git pull --rebase" on the master
branch, but it may take a little while to download all the revisions again,
since we rewrote the history.

If you have an existing fork on GitHub, you will want to update it: first
fetch from upstream, then force push the updated master to your fork's
master branch. If your fork has any topic branches, you will probably want
to rebase them as well.

Finally, if you really love your SVN tools, GitHub does provide an SVN
emulation layer, though it may be rather slow:
    svn co https://github.com/imagej/imagej/trunk imagej

Please let us know if you run into any trouble, and we will be happy to

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