[ImageJ-devel] ROI -> Overlay bug

Gabriel Landini G.Landini at bham.ac.uk
Fri May 11 14:28:04 CDT 2012

On Friday 11 May 2012 19:18:39 Lee Kamentsky wrote:
> Brave man - I think that's how I interpreted it when I wrote the imglib
> ROIs. If you are to count pixels, it's by whole numbers and the
> criterion is whether the integer coordinate falls inside the region of
> interest, not how it's drawn.
> Area is a different measure and might very
> well be different than pixel count. Unfortunate as it is, maybe the
> visual representation is just illustrative, not normative.

The interesting thing is that shouldn't brake anything, just that, for example 
the "select all" ROI, when zoomed will not coincide with the image edge, but 
it will be centred on the pixels at the edge.
And... the Draw command will produce a set that is guaranteed to be at the 
edge of the ROI and visually not being confusing.

Both concepts of Area and Pixels are useful. Two pixels on a row (a lines) 
should have 0-area, but the object is made out of 2 pixels.



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