[ImageJ-devel] Merging of some branches into master!

Christian Dietz christian.dietz at uni-konstanz.de
Fri Apr 20 11:11:58 CDT 2012

Hi all,

the last weeks we started several branches in the git repository and I 
was wondering wether we could merge some of these new things into the 

Martin and me extended Lee's version of the Labeling to allow arbitrary 
Img<? extends IntegerType<?>> as the index container.
Furthermore we changed the way Labelings are created, for e.g. a 
NativeImgLabeling just needs the Img as an index container which makes 
the usage of Labelings much easier.
Lee already agreed on these changes.

Thanks to Tobias we have an so called SubImg in KNIP now, directly using 
the Views from imglib2. A SubImg is simply a subinterval of a Img acting 
as an Img itself.

sparse_labeling_experiment ("Octree" (N-Tree) representation of an image 
in n-dimensions):
Thanks again to Tobias, we got a sparse Img container running in KNIP 
which is really useful if you have e.g. big connected areas with the 
same value or just a few smaller dots in a labeling or image.
Memory is reduced dramatically, but of course writing is slower than 
into a e.g. ArrayImg.

So if you have any comments on these branches, feel free.
For example the subimg_test could also just be part of KNIP if nobody 
needs this. For us it's very helpful to iterate over certain 
subintervals in images (e.g. PlaneSelection XYZ, iterate over CT), if 
there are algorithms which explicitly require an Img as an input.

Best regards and have a nice weekend,

Martin & Christian

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