[ImageJ-devel] ImageJ 2.0.0-beta1

Gabriel Landini G.Landini at bham.ac.uk
Thu Apr 12 08:14:32 CDT 2012

Very happy to see the beta version out. Congratulations to all.

Some first things I noticed running under linux (most really trivial, but 
since I have nothing else to comment :-) I will mention them anyway.

1. Not all sample images load successfully. Sometimes I can load one once but 
not again..

2. Some menu entries appear to require to be called twice to be run? For 
example the Help>IJ2_Update never launches the first time it is called. There 
are several of those. (like Options>Fonts)

3. I do not understand what is the function of the slider under colour images 
while looking at them in colour mode. Of course I understand that changes the 
channel, but if that is to set the processing a particular channel (if so, it 
is not working) shouldn't there a position where all the channels are 
processed too?

4. The colour frame on the colour image indicating the channel does seem to 
have a different offset on the right and on the left.

5. The new histogram graph looks very nice, but does not convey information 
well because the pale colours chosen: it has very poor contrast. Same for the 
graph fonts these should not be pale grey but contrast better. Such pale 
colours would not be a suitable for publishing those graphs either, so what 
about making it more contrasty? Or at least provide an alternative

6. The icons, for some reason look blurrier than the original IJ. I took some 
screenshoots and noticed that the antialiasing contast is much intense than in 
IJ1 (so grey values that should almost not noted are quite dark) The fonts 
look blurry too, presumably for the same reason.
Oh! I just discovered the "Look and feel", nice!

7. Wishlist item: I suggested this before but Wayne could not find a way of 
doing it, maybe it can be done now?: In the Image Calculator IJ2, the command 
opens a list of operators that is not that long and really does not need to 
have a scroll bar if all the operations were shown (therefore reducing the 
number of clicks one has to do).

8. For some reason when one changes the Look and Feel, new images are created 
with scroll bars, but still showing the full size minus a couple of pixels. 
Shouldn't this just show the image without unnecessarily reducing the window 
and avoid the scroll bars until the view window does not match the image size? 
I seem to be able to do this manually by enlarging the window size. Maybe the 
metrics of the different look and feel schemas need rescaling or something 
like that?

As said earlier, these are just trivial things. I appreciate the enormous task 
achieved so far and look forward the new forthcoming versions.


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